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Looking for a VOIP system that can give you everything that you need and can tell you what happening per second in your phone system?

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Quick Overview what to Expect

An intuitive telephone management system (TMS)

Get detailed data and real-time reporting. View the number of calls received versus calls answered, as well as average call lengths and total call times. It’s a great tool for assessing productivity and encouraging a healthy work ethic.

Innovative and reliable technology

Hassle-free, reliable and simple to operate. Detailed reports, real-time monitoring, call tracking, and trend data are just a few of the tricks up the sleeve of our TMS.

Flexible solution

We grow with your business – the system is designed for 3 to 1000+ extensions. Integrate with your own CRM system to create your own digital receptionist and enjoy many more functions that will save your time and resources.

Become fully mobile

1 extension on 3 different devices. As long as you have internet access, you’ll always be able to stay in touch – allowing you to do better business, anywhere, anytime.


Business and Home
Pricing Plans

The future of telecommunications. Reduce your call costs and update your PBX system.

Available Add-ons

  • Number porting for R250.00 Ex Vat
  • Call Recording for R35.00 per month per extension
  • Extra telephone number for R5.00 Ex Vat

Need your existing phone number?

Don’t worry we got you covered, port your existing number to us with an once off cost of R250 Ex Vat, don’t loose your numbers as this is an easy few steps to do.

Compare Features

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Full FeaturesHome Liner & Small BuzExpressEnterpriseCall Buster
6 Months Data Retention

Cost Reporting

Unlimited extensions

✔ Home Liner Only

1-2 Extensions

✔ Small Buz Only

3- unlimited extensions

Free Interbranch Calls

3 Device Registrations

Monthly Billing – Postpaid

Conference Rooms

Geographic Number Porting

Phone Rental Options

Global Contacts

Telephone Support

Pin Protection and Pin Dialing.*


Browser Phone.*

Call Recording*

Mobile Softphone Application*

Manager Access

Multi-Device Extensions

Automatic Call Distribution

Extension Permission management

Basic Queue Participation + Basic analytics

Discounted CALL BUSTER 29c per minute, per second, Local, National and Mobile

Popular System features

Running a business is challenging. Your phone system shouldn’t be.

Know your account status anywhere, anytime

Multi device sync

Manage your system from anywhere

Assess the performance of your agents

Create your own digital receptionist

Analyse your data

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure if this solution is for you? let us clear it up a bit.

VoIP stands for voice over IP protocol. VOIP is a way of transmitting voice calls over a network or the internet

Yes, we assist with the process of porting your existing number to our network. There is a once off cost of R250 ex Vat to port your number over.

Once the number has ported over to us you are then able to cancel your existing service. We suggest only cancelling the service once the number has safely been ported over to us.

We will ensure that all the telephones are configured correctly prior to delivery or we can do the installation for you with an extra fee. Should you need network points or any equipment we can assist with this as well.

Your VOIP system does not need your old landlines to operate. VOIP Works over the internet to our VOIP servers so you are able to cancel your old line rentals.

VOIP does not support faxes. You have the option to keep your fax line with Telkom, but even better we can give you a free fax to email phone number. Fax is an older technology which has been replaced with scanners and email.

To protect yourself and ourselves we set a credit limit according to your existing spend. We receive a notification when this credit limit is at 90% in which case we will call you to increase this.

Calls are charged per second which gets billed to you on the 15th of every month in arrears. Our current rates are 79c per minute for mobiles and 34c per minute for landlines within South Africa. International rates depend on destination but generally cost less than local land lines. Please contact us for exact rate cards.